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About me:

Hi, my name is Roderick. I am neither a goldsmith nor someone trying to be an artist. This is just a pursuit I like to follow!
Let's call these projects a hobby - my personal playground for unrestrained creativity.
I started this site to show some of my work to people who were interested, and as a reminder for myself to finish some of the "work in progress".

But yes, the web is a great marketplace too!
So if you're interested in one of my objects...it would be a great pleasure to create something by order for you!
How I work:

My home is my workshop! ...Actually it's a workbench beside the wardrobe.
Space is quite limited and the use of machines would cause a huge mess.
So everything I create is 99% handmade. For preliminary sketches I sometimes use CAD-software but mostly I scratch the ideas directly onto the sheet of metal.
All parts are cut out with a coping saw and sanded for as long as it takes to fit the intended size. Fixations are hot soldered or riveted.
The final polishing can then be done in front of television.
Each piece is unique - never pefect, but close to.

B. & C. stands for "Brass & Copper" - the two metals I use for most of my work. Why? The precious metals are too expensive and simply overrated.
Brass and Copper don't really rust, but they oxidize with air giving them this nice vintage-look after a while....
If you prefer the object to be nice and shiny again - just give it a polish like you do with your leather shoes.
I am influenced by:

Steampunk, wireframes, laserlight, industrial furniture and installations, do-it-yourself stores, dreams and very special girls....